How Charlie Rae Young Provides Natural Birthing Services

July 19, 2017
As a doula (midwife) who is fully licensed and certified in Florida, Charlie Rae Young is a rarity. There aren’t many in her profession in the state, and she is one of just two doulas in the Tampa Region of Florida who is willing to attend and assist with a home birth. She wishes there were more because she believes she provides a vitally important service for expectant families who have a desire to opt for natural childbirth, even though they are often marginalized when they make that choice.

There is a reason why Charlie Rae Young is an advocate for more frequent natural childbirth. She sees it is a valid choice, given that most health pregnant women only need guidance to give birth, not intervention and medications. As an esteemed graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery, Charlie is well aware that hers is a small profession, but she is bound and determined to make it much bigger. The decision to give birth naturally shouldn’t be quite as unusual as it is.